Saturday 15 Sep Ride – ‘Until You Can’t See Land’ – 9am

2018 Sep Standard Ride – Until You Can’t See Land – Sat Sep 15 **9am**

Route Link:
Strava Event:
Distance: 50 miles
Elevation: 4,00ft approx.
Moving time: Approx 3.75 – 4.25 Hours // Total Time approx 4.25 – 4.75 Hours.(very approximate dependent on rider pace and general stops – allows for brief stops/traffic)
Start: 09:00 at St Mary’s Flower Park, Prestwich
Post Ride: The Woodthorpe, Prestwich. Approx. 13:30


Slightly longer (and slightly hillier) than the usual 45 miles but I think it is worth it. If the slight extra distance and elevation concerns you, especially if you are new to the club/was thinking of coming down for the first time, then just drop me a message and we can have a quick chat. Read more

Winter Rides!

I am sure my fellow riders from Saturday will wholeheartedly confirm that winter, or at least autumn, is definitely here! So it perfectly fits in with the time of year where we switch to our winter ride format. (don’t worry we wouldn’t ride in snow like that!)

They still follow the Saturday/Sunday two week split (both starting at 9am) and mainly will be much nearer standard ride length but sometimes we’ll venture a little further/higher, so always make sure you are comfortable with the route.

Good news is , we’ve already planned some beauties and the events are already up with more to come soon. So go get em in your calendars. Go check out the rides page for the next 3 routes, or if you’re  Facebook user, then go check us out on there – , give us a ‘like’ and check out the events on there. Read more