Spring/Summer 2017 Kit Orders

Our next kit order will be mid June 2017.  We’re switching kit suppliers from Owayo to Force GB.

The designs are below in both image format to give you a quick idea and there also links to the Owayo kit designer where you can see them in 3D and have a better look. Bear in mind these are Owayo designs and they will have light differences as its a different supplier. The shorts will no longer have the white “tear drop” on the hip and will be blue, with white and red hoops at the bottom of the short.

The kit is just an option for people who would like to have it. You do not need to have the kit to come on any of our rides.

Please read the info below before specifying your order at the end. All communications will be sent via email once we are close to ordering.

The Kit

Please note, the Allez Prestwich text is actually centered in production. .


View the jersey in 3D on Owayo


View the bib shorts in 3D on Owayo


View the Gilet in 3D on Owayo



Fit is slightly different to Owayo kit. It’s a little looser in the small and medium but the larger sizes are tighter. That said, they do pretty much match up to the chest sizings listed on their sizings (so go on your actual measurements, if unsure go a size up):


forceGB - Sizing guide


The bibs are a fairly standard fitting but it would be worth checking out the sizing guide for the bib shorts too.

If you’re really unsure, then ask what our current members are wearing and they may even let you try them on for size. We can’t be responsible (nor can we refund someone) for someone ordering the wrong size, so err on the side of caution.

The Price

Please see details below:

forceGB - prices


The Payment

Payments need to be made to Allez Prestwich before we order and once the order is in any payments are non-refundable. To explain this policy: this is because we do not have any paid memberships, so there is no ‘pot’ from which to take money. When you email your order we will supply the bank details. All monies and orders need to be in before June 10th at latest.

Register Your Interest

If you’re interested then please either fill out the form below. Please include sizes in the comments.

Alternatively,visit the Facebook page if you have any questions.

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