2019 oct Big – Down by The Rible – oct 20 8am (reschedule from sep)

2019 oct Big – Down by The Rible – oct 20 8am
Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31092653
Strava Event: https://strava.app.link/wP7lymgKM0
Distance: 67 miles
Elevation: 4,800-5,000 ft approx.
Moving time: Approx 5.25 hours – 5.75 hours // Total Time approx 6.5 – 7 Hours.(very approximate dependent on rider pace and general stops – allows for brief stops/traffic and a 45 min lunch.)
Start: 08:00 at St Mary’s Flower Park, Prestwich

Lunch: to be confirmed on the day. Suggestions please.
Post Ride: Drinks back in Prestwich, to decide on day for those on ride.


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Sat 5th october standard ride

*sat 5th october standard ride **

Starts 9am atbst Mary’s flower park prestwich

About 4 hours all in.


40 ish mile ride. lead by dave boulton route to follow.

Route is https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27030441

all usual caveats and ride info apply


If you have a GPS device, please download the route so that you can follow it.

Polite request to not ride off of the front if you either do not have the route or you have not studied it.


Here’s a link to some important information/safety stuff about our rides, please have a read before attending our rides. https://allezprestwich.co.uk/ride-information-safety-tips/

Also, please visit the website, Facebook or Twitter channels periodically, and especially the day of the ride, to ensure nothing has changed. We sometimes have to make weather enforced changes to start times or in extremes may even have to cancel rides.