The Next Rides & Tour de Manc

First of all, good luck to all our riders, and in fact all riders, riding this year’s epic Tour De Manc Sportive. Our good friend, Tony Rubins, is an organiser and we wish him and his team yet another successful event.

This does mean that, given lack of available riders, that we will move the big ride back a week to Sunday 12 May (will see the projected take up and cancel if needs be).

The next standard ride will follow the week after, still on it’s intended date of Saturday 18th May.

Strava Club

For all of you Strava aficionados out there, you may or may not know that we have a ‘club’ on Strava. You can find us here:

It enables you to see what your clubmates have been doing and we’ve also started putting our club rides on there. You can mark your attendance and you can see who else is down to attend.

I’ll start adding the Strava events to the ride descriptions on this website, so you can easily locate the events and register your interest if you so wish.

To join the club, just follow the link above and the click ‘Request to join’. We can then approve the request.

To mark your anticipated attendance on a ride, just go to the event and select ‘I’m in’. The link for this week’s big ride is here: