2018 Mar – Standard: Affetside by Affetside – Sat 31 Mar **9am**

Distance: 40 miles
Elevation: 3,100ft
Moving time: Approx 3.25 hours – 3.5 hours // Total Time approx 3.75 – 4 Hours.(very approximate dependent on rider pace and general stops – allows for brief stops/traffic.)
Start: 09:00 at St Mary’s Flower Park, Prestwich
Post Ride: Approx around 12:30 ish. Parkfield Inn, Whitefield

A great tour of the hills around Affetside and Tottington, looping around all the roads around one hill. Some great views and some good climbing.

The elevation on the ridewtihgps is definitely wrong, as I’ve ridden this only last week and my short version was 400ft more than planned. allow for around 3100ft of climbs.

Parkfield Inn in Whitefield for post ride drinks.

At 40 miles and 3,200ft elevation, like every AP ride, you’ll know you’ve been on a ride.


Safety and Ride Updates:

Here’s a link to some important information/safety stuff about our rides, please have a read before attending our rides. https://allezprestwich.co.uk/ride-information-safety-tips/

Also, please visit the website, Facebook or Twitter channels periodically, and especially the day of the ride, to ensure nothing has changed. We sometimes have to make weather enforced changes to start times or in extremes may even have to cancel rides.

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