::: Weather and Time Update for Saturday’s Ride :::
***ride start time changed to 10am***

The weather is starting to look pretty d’icey’ (sorry) over Friday and Saturday with warnings of snow and ice. The temps are pretty darn chilly too. If it’s icey or snowy then we’ll be cancelling the ride. You can still meet if you wish to take the risk in that event but it won’t be an Allez Prestwich ride per se and I (Craig) won’t be on it.

Anyhow, we looked to see if we could maybe swap the day and do it Sunday but it looks the total pits on Sunday.

So best thing is to try and let the day warm up a little more on Saturday morning (it is actually meant to be sunny) and see if we can get out if any ice melts. Suggest pushing back a little, to say 10:00. If it’s still bad then, then we’ll cancel the ride.

Monitor our various channels, especially on the day of the ride, for updates on cancellation. So check before you set off. If it’s totally horrible then we’ll cancel around 9am. Otherwise, it could be a ride to the gates and call it from there (too cold/too icey/too snowy etc.).

If it goes ahead, please wrap up and also bring lights in case the visibility is a little lower, that said it is actally meant to be sunny. Just freezing.

Sorry for any inconvenience that this causes but it’s always a possibility around this time of year.

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