I am sure my fellow riders from Saturday will wholeheartedly confirm that winter, or at least autumn, is definitely here! So it perfectly fits in with the time of year where we switch to our winter ride format. (don’t worry we wouldn’t ride in snow like that!)

They still follow the Saturday/Sunday two week split (both starting at 9am) and mainly will be much nearer standard ride length but sometimes we’ll venture a little further/higher, so always make sure you are comfortable with the route.

Good news is , we’ve already planned some beauties and the events are already up with more to come soon. So go get em in your calendars. Go check out the rides page for the next 3 routes, or if you’re  Facebook user, then go check us out on there – http://www.facebook.com/allezprestwichcc , give us a ‘like’ and check out the events on there.

Other things to note,  around this time of year the rides are subject to change and cancellation, so check frequently. We very rarely cancel rides but might push a ride back if it’s rain early doors, postpone the day or change the route.

Please bring lights, as early doors will be a little darker and it can get a bit murky on the hills. It’s important that we are as visible as possible to stay as safe as we can. Everyone is usually really good at this but it’s just a polite reminder to keep us all safe, as we all ride at our own risk.


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