Happy Yorkshire Day! What a savage! Enjoy!

Route Link: Super Hilly Yorkshire Monument GPX
Distance: 68 miles
Elevation: 6,00ft approx.
Moving time: Approx 5.5 – 6 Hours // Total Time approx 6.75 – 7.25 Hours.(very approximate dependent on rider pace and general stops – allows for brief stops/traffic and 45 mins lunch)
Start: 08:00 at St Mary’s Flower Park, Prestwich
Lunch: TBC – decide on day but Sowerby Bridge worked last time.
Post Ride: Time dependent really, see how everyone feels. Woodthorpe, Same Yet Inn, Friendship, Cuckoo are all options.

Please note, our big rides are not for the feint hearted and they are really hilly, tough but ultimately enjoyable rides. We have a lunch stop but they are longer, hillier and slightly faster than our standard rides. If you’re unsure then please speak to us and come to a standard ride first. We’re not ones to be too specific about speed but ideally shouldn’t be much slower than around 12mph average around this sort of course, as otherwise they just take way too long.

August’s big ride takes us on familiar territory. Namely, and unusually for Allez P, it’s an exact replica of a ride we did last year.

Rob, Mark and Craig had discussed the idea of ‘Monument’ rides. Really special rides that follow the same route each year (again, we barely ever repeat rides). One of these, and the first suggested monument, was the aptly named ‘Super Hilly Yorkshire Ride’ from May 2016. And what better day to announce it than on Yorkshire Day!

This a total savage but a wonderful ride. I know some people missed it last year, so here’s your chance to right that wrong. Or ride it again. It’ll be ace. Go on.

As we said in the original description for this ride “this is the type of ride that any hill climbing cyclist lives for”. You’ve got some iconic and at times brutal climbs in this one and it’s incessant. By lunch you’ll know you’ve been on a ride for sure and then you’ve still got Cragg Vale to do. It absolutely sapped me last year, so hold something back.

Scapegoat Hill is savage. You all know Isle of Skye – no picnic.

Such a good ride. I hope you all enjoy it. I won’t be there (I’m at a wedding but hopefully Mark will lead the ride, otherwise if someone could download the route and lead that would be sweeeet).

Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/341303776300841


Safety and Ride Updates:

Here’s a link to some important information/safety stuff about our rides, please have a read before attending our rides. https://allezprestwich.co.uk/ride-information-safety-tips/

Also, please visit the website, Facebook or Twitter channels periodically, and especially the day of the ride, to ensure nothing has changed. We sometimes have to make weather enforced changes to start times or in extremes may even have to cancel rides.

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