*KIT UPDATE** (long post but please read if you are interested in kit) 

As advised previously, we have been looking at alternative kit suppliers.


We have decided upon ForceGB, who are relatively local (Yorkshire v. Germany) and a little easier to deal with. They have even sent through some samples for us to assess quality and sizing.


I’ve tried a small jersey on and am happy with it and Mark has tried the medium bib shorts and jersey on. We both agree that the quality is probably better on both shorts and jersey. Fitting is a tad looser and less “racing”.


Prices are good and in some cases better than Owayo for the quantities that we are dealing with. Another benefit is the concept of a ‘Club Shop’, which allows people to order one off garments as they please. A slightly higher cost than bulk club orders (but delivered to your door, competitively priced and cheaper than most “proper” kit). We will be making an initial bulk/club order, but subsequent to this the ‘shop option’ provides:


1). Easier for new members to order kit and less need to wait for a massive order.

2). Ability to order a wide range of garments

3) No minimum orders amount


The downside is the inability to order caps but we are looking in to other avenues for this and will be a little more expensive than the club bulk order option.


As it’s the busy spring period, the current lead time is 8 weeks, so I suggest we need the bulk order in by the end of this month to enable late July/August delivery. However you’ll always need kit and could order stuff for the Autumn/Winter now, or have the ability via the club shop at a later date. So let me know asap, The deadline for placing the order is Monday 29th May (that includes order details AND payment). As discussed previously, we do not take any membership fees, so things like this are all self funded, so we need all monies in.


Our first order has to be a minimum of 15 items but after that there are no minimums and prices stay the same no matter the quantity. I’ve attached the pdfs for prices for both bulk order (our first order) and Clubshop orders (i.e. single orders , in the future after we’ve had our initial order).


Please could you let me know either here in the comments or via email (allezprestwichcc@outlook.com ). You can also text me if you have my number.


Please include garments required and the sizes. We have a range of items that you can try if you should wish. We could either do a really quick meetup one night as a group and you could try on in the loos of some bar J We won’t though be lending or sending out the samples. If people were interested in trying on (we have S jersey and then M, L and XL jersey and bibs.

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