Check out this absolute corker of a route from Rob Symons for our next big ride in a couple of weeks!

Sunday 7th August 2016 – Big Ride – ‘Clitheroe Circumvolution: Which Trials?’ // 8:00am

Route Link: Clitheroe Circumvolution gpx
Distance: 76 miles
Elevation: 5,000 ft approx.
Moving time: Approx 6 – 6.5 Hours // Total Time approx 7 – 8 Hours. (very approximate dependent on rider pace and stops)
Start: 08:00 at St Mary’s Flower Park, Prestwich
Mid Ride Cafe Stop: TBC;
Post Ride: All The Shapes, Warwick St., Prestwich (approx. 15:00 / 16:00)

Summary: Another 70+ miler, this time up into the Forest of Bowland AONB after climbing the Nick O Pendle climb from Sabden. A tough ride but one with fantastic visual rewards. Big thanks to Rob Symons for this route.

Please note the new start time of 8am for this big ride. It’s a trial run to test this time for Big Rides due to the longer days.

As ever, our ‘Big’ rides are our more testing, longer and harder rides. If you’re unsure of your fitness/hill fitness, then please feel free to come and try out a ‘Standard’ ride first before joining the ‘Big’ rides. This is a pretty big, testing ride, so this especially applies. We’re an inclusive club but we don’t want people to come on a ride that’s way beyond their current abilities. Get in touch if you’ve any doubts.
The new start time of 08:00 also helps with getting through the first bit of the ‘urban stuff’ on even quieter roads. We take in around 9 miles of Bury’s surrounding towns, before heading into our first testing climb of the day, our old friend, Lumb Carr Road. This takes from Holcombe Brook up to Ramsbottom and, as it climbs just under 300ft in just under a mile, it’s a good way to test the legs and get the heart pumping.

From here on out the route gets greener and more aesthetically appealing as we venture into the hillier north. We undulate for the next 10-15 miles, passing Holcombe, Helmshore and Haslingden before approaching the real deal in and around Padiham. Our road tilts up due to the fact we are encroaching on the roads that surround the imposing, beautiful and mystic Pendle Hill. Perhaps somewhat aptly for our club, Pendle Hill actually loosely translates as ‘Hill Hill Hill’ due to the fact it’s origins are from 3 different languages. You may also be familiar with Pendle hill for the infamous witch trials. While we don’t climb Pendle Hill itself, we do climb the Nick O Pendle from Sabden, the opposite way to the last time we rode it, and this is a real tough climb. A broomstick and witchcraft will be of no help to you here, you’ll need strong legs, lungs and healthy dose of determination to get you to the top. Once there, the views are breathtaking and all your toil and trouble will seem worth it (okay, enough with the witch stuff).

We descend and round Clitheroe before again facing rising roads, this time in the form of Bailey Bank which takes us up into the Forest of Bowland and we pass Longridge Fell before exiting the Forest of Bowland just North of Longridge. The legs should get a slightly easier run for the next 10 miles or so as there’s a steady decline in altitude all the way down into the outskirts of Preston.

At Walton Le Dale we head East and back into – you guessed it – another incline. Whilst there’s nothing too savage on the gradient front, due to the fact that Preston isn’t very far above sea level, we do climb over 900ft over the next 10 miles. At this point, you’ll be elated to know that the following 10 are pretty much downhill as we head south across the West Pennine Moors and back to the urban surrounds of Bolton & Bury’s surround towns and villages.

Rob’s left a little sting in the tail with the short climb up Stand Lane, just to ensure you’ve really earned those cakes and beers back at the clubhouse.

Safety and Ride Updates:

Here’s a link to some important information/safety stuff about our rides, please have a read before attending our rides.

Also, please visit the website, Facebook or Twitter channels periodically, and especially the day of the ride, to ensure nothing has changed. We sometimes have to make weather enforced changes to start times or in extremes may even have to cancel rides.

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