04/03/2016 18:30
Folks, still snowing until early hours in Uppermill and snow is due to hit more in the East, so we have had to propose another route to the west. Martin has got us this alternate one: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/12437750
We’ll still be doing a weather check around 7:30 tomorrow and if it is too icy then we will cancel the official ride and give people options to make their own plans.
Please check back tomorrow between 7:30 – 08:00 but will be surprised if we are not out in some capacity.
04/03/2016 10:00
Morning All, You’ve likely noticed that it’s snowing. Obviously keep your eyes peeled for updates.
The forecast is saying it’s snowing in Uppermill pretty much constantly between now and the early hours of tomorrow morning.
The concern, even around here, is if that snow/slush/ freezes over. It could be really dangerous and we’ve absolutely no desire to go out on super dangerous rides.
Keep your eyes peeled.

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