Night Ride – Thursday 11th February

Martin is running a short night ride this Thursday for anyone who would like to attend. This is something we’ll be doing much more of in the spring and summer but here’s a good opportunity to get miles in the legs.

The course is below and the meetup point is St Mary’s Flower Park, Prestwich at 19:00. Lights are an absolute must as it will be dark.

Route >>

Tomorrow’s Ride (Sat 6th Feb)

Hi all, ride still on for tomorrow as it stands but please make sure you check back tomorrow for any updates.We won’t sugar coat it, it looks a wet one so we may propose a slightly shorter route tomorrow if it looks like that is definitely going to be the case.Have a great night and we hope to see you at the flower park tomorrow morning.


*UPDATED SAT 6th FEB 07:40*

While the weather still looks far from spectacular, and we’ll probably still get a little wet, we’ll definitely be heading out. Whether we do the full 40 miler or a slightly condensed route can be called at the flower park gates at 9am.