In the coming weeks we are going to put in another kit order if there is enough interest.
Previously we’ve had jerseys and bib shorts, so if anyone would like these then please let us know. You don’t have to order both but you can do if you want that full Allez Prestwich look (Mark Leigh: “ALWAYS look fabulous”.
Another item we were thinking about was cycling caps. Everyone loves a good cycling cap.

Both would be dependent on numbers. The more we get of each, the cheaper it tends to be. Last time we had 12 Jerseys and these were £35 and we had 6 bib shorts and these were £48. We’ve had positive reviews on both. The Jerseys are on the tighter/smaller side of fitting.
Caps – no point ordering less than 10 as it would be too much, but 10 units makes it approx £13 a cap…20 units makes it around £11.50.
Let us know interest by commenting here, messaging us on here, messaging Craig Newman on facebook or by emailing us:
A bit more info can be found here, along with the kit designs.
Check out our photos on Facebook for club members wearing the kit too.

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