January 9th 2016 – Standard Ride – Rivington // 10am @ St Mary’s Flower Park, Prestwich

Route:  Rivington GPX

Distance: 37 miles
Climbs: approx. 2,500ft
Moving Time: 2.53 hours approx.

First ride of 2016. Start as you mean to go on! Get out with us and let’s get those legs turning.

Given Sir Bradley Wiggins’ recent declaration that Rivington Pike was one of his favourite places to cycle, it got me thinking that we should do Sheephouse Lane, Rivington again soon. “Soon” quickly turned into “we should do it on the next ride”. 

Great climb, should get the heart going and great scenery. Hope to see you all there!

We complete the route as fast as the slowest rider and always wait at the top of hills and major turns.

Here’s a link to some important information/safety stuff about our rides, please have a read before attending our rides. Ride Information & Safety Tips (Disclaimer)


We’ve published all the dates for our official rides over on our rides page. Further details of each ride will be published nearer the time.

Members do also arrange rides outside of the official rides, so please feel free to join us on Facebook, Twitter and Strava to keep in the loop.

5 thoughts on “First Ride of The Year & Future Dates

  1. Hi Craig
    I’m pretty new to cycling, I started riding last September and try to get out a couple of times a week. I probably do about 70 miles per week and have an average speed of 13 – 14 mph according to my newly acquired gps.
    I’m looking to join a group but I’m not sure if I would be up to the pace?


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    1. Hi Brendan,

      Thanks a lot for reading and for commenting.

      Don’t worry at all about pace. We’re not a group fixated on maintaining a set pace, it’s pretty much the antithesis of what we’re about. As a rough rule of thumb for planning our ride times I usually use 12-13mph as a very rough guide but this isn’t a target.

      As long as your moderately fit and have a decent working bike then you’ll be fine. And of course being a really nice person helps! :)

      Have you done distances similar to the ones we’re riding? We’ve a ride this Saturday. 37 miles with quite a few hills (we always do moderately hilly rides). Why don’t you come down and see what we’re all about? You’d be very much welcome.



      1. Hi Craig

        Thanks for the reply and the invite to Saturdays ride, and yes Id love to come along. I usually do 30 to 40 miles each ride incorporating a good few hills. I started cycling last year for health reasons and really haven’t looked back since, trouble is I’m finding it slightly addictive, not a bad thing I suppose : )

        Anyway looking forward to meeting you on Saturday.


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      2. No problem at all, Brendan. I love it when we get interest from new people, as it just adds to our ever growing bunch.
        We’ve got a really good bunch of folk and a real nice mix.
        We meet down at St Mary’s Flower Park, Prestwich and we’ll be setting off about 9am.
        If you’re facebook user, then go check us out and give us a like otherwise, keep in touch here.

        Cheers again,


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