Please read if you intend on coming on tomorrow’s ride, as this is forewarning that we’ll be having a weather/safety check tomorrow morning to see whether we’ll be riding. We’ll confirm on here by 8am.

As most people will be aware, the weather at the moment, and for the weekend, is what they call in technical meteorological terms – shit.

That said, we’re not bothered by a little rain BUT the winds are meant to be pretty keen as well. This was the bigger concern of the two, once the hail forecast had subsided.

Mark Leigh and Craig have had a discussion and checked out various sites. It’s looking like the strong gusts of wind won’t be hitting us until around 13:00, so we should hopefully be back to Prestwich around that time.

It’s safe to say we’re probably going to get wet at somepoint.

Please note that as always, taking care of your own safety is paramount. If you don’t feel comfortable then you don’t have to ride. There is no pressure to do so.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.or if you were going to come but now can’t/don’t want to, either by commenting here, tweeting us, contacting us on our facebook or by good old fashioned email ( )


Allez Prestwich

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