About Allez Prestwich Cycling Club

Allez Prestwich Cycling Club is a social cycling club, operating moderately challenging/challenging rides starting and finishing in Prestwich, Manchester.

The emphasis is on good riding with nice people and a beer/coffee/soft drink (delete as appropriate) along the way and/or afterwards. This is not a racing club but nor is it a pottering tootle along country lanes. It’s somewhere in between; not too serious but just (un)relaxed enough to get the heart pumping!

Rides are organised across various loops initially on a twice a month basis. A Standard ride of around 35-45 miles with a decent amount of climbing and a Big Ride which are nearer to 60-70 miles with lots of climbing. Visit the Rides page for details on where we are going and when.

Anyone can join but you should be moderately fit, have a decent working bike (and means to fix it) but most of all being nice company would be grand. For Big Rides, unless you’ve been doing those sorts of distances and climbs, we’d tend to recommend coming on a standard ride first. Get in touch if you’re unsure.

You can read the ‘Beginnings’ page for more details about the club and the motivations behind Allez Prestwich.

For more details or enquiries please follow us on Facebook, drop us an email allezprestwichcc@outlook.com or send us a tweet at AllezPrestwich.


Sat 10 Nov Ride – Specific North West

2018 Nov Winter  – Specific North West – Sat Nov 10 **9am**

Route Link: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28885176 
Strava Event: https://www.strava.com/clubs/112552/group_events/408328
Distance: 41 miles
Elevation: 3,000ft
Moving time: Approx 3.25 – 3.75 Hours // Total Time approx 3.75 – 4.25 Hours.(very approximate dependent on rider pace and general stops – allows for brief stops/traffic.)
Start: 09:00 at St Mary’s Flower Park, Prestwich
Post Ride: Swan & Cemetery, Bury (BL9 9NS) @ 12:45 appprox. Rout ends here


A ride into the North West skirting the rugged Lancashire moors. It will look particularly brooding and beautiful at this time of year. Read more

Sun Oct 28 Ride – Thunder Bridge

2018 Oct big Ride – Last Big Ride Of 2018 – Thunder Bridge – Sun Oct 28 **8am**

Route Link: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/16712322

Strava Event:

Distance: 69 miles

Elevation: 5,700ft approx.

Moving time: Approx 5.5 – 6 Hours // Total Time approx 6.45 – 7.25 Hours.(very approximate dependent on rider pace and general stops – allows for brief stops/traffic and 30-45 mins lunch)

Start: 08:00 at St Mary’s Flower Park, Prestwich

Lunch: Jon to confirm on the day

Post Ride: Time dependent. Jon to confirm.

Read more